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Welcome to Miracle Mind, your trusted partner in talking therapy services. Located in Cheshire, UK, our therapists are dedicated to providing professional and compassionate support to help you navigate life's challenges.

We are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment for individuals, of all ages seeking non-judgemental guidance and therapy. At Miracle Mind, we are person centred and neurodiverse. We believe in the power of talking therapy to transform lives and empower people to achieve mental and emotional well-being.

We aim to have talking therapy accessible to everyone. We feel that talking therapy is drastically needed by people who are neurodiverse. We believe this would give the skills that people need to access the wider world. We have used Dialectal behavioural therapy with our own neurodiverse children to give them the skills to regulate emotions, to tolerate distress and teach mindfulness. We believe these skills should be shown to all people to lead a happy and less stressful life. 

We jointly work with Dragon OT who are based in Manchester www.dragon-ot.co.uk





Therapy Services

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Individual Therapy Sessions

Confidential and personalized counseling for individuals. Take a step towards emotional well-being.

These sessions work around the individual's needs. We can offer you a safe space, where you can feel safe to share your feelings without being judged.

Our sessions are person centred and how you would like to communicate is lead by you.

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CBT Therapy

A structured, problem - focused and goal oriented form of psychotherapy. The CBT approach can be used for challenging the problems you face day to day and give you control.

CBT is delivered by working through tasks to explore your thoughts and feelings and behaviour. We might suggest working on some tasks at home if that feels right for you and will help you to discuss in the next session.

CBT will help you to reflect on your actions and look at if / how you could do something different next time. 

CBT is also a good form of therapy for people who are neurodiverse as it provides structure and guidance and is delivered in many ways that suits the individual. 

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Dialectical behaviour therapy

DBT is psychotherapy which is effective for people who have difficulty in day to day skills or managing and regulating their emotions.

DBT is a great form of therapy to support people who are neurodiverse as a long term approach.

DBT therapy is delivered in two folds, one session is talking therapy format however this can be delivered in different methods that suits the individual such as art, games / exercise. Then a skill learning session eg emotional regualtion, mindfulness etc.

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Work life balance coaching / mentoring

We work with people to guide and empower them to enhance their overall quality of life.


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